Katherine Hua – Looking Outwards – 11

“NightFall” by Mileece (2003)

Mileece Petre is an English sound artist and environmental designer who makes generative and interactive through plants. Believing that plants are sentient beings, she is able to have plants create music by attaching electrodes to them. The data collected from an electromagnetic currents are sent to amplifiers and the amplifiers sends this data which is translated into codes, and the codes are then input into software that creates musical notes out of them.

I admire this project because even though a single plant creates minimal sound, if she attaches electrodes to all plants in a garden, it sounds like an orchestra’s symphony. Also, the type of music the plants come together to make sound very soft and peaceful, reflecting the organic and subtleness of plants. Furthermore, she is able to create a platform in which people can be more connected to nature, helping her passion for the environment.

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