Xiaoying Meng -Looking Outwards 11

I think this is a very interesting project using computational music. The project is called, Weather Thingy – Real time climate sound controller. This project is created by Adrien Kaeser at ECAL (Media and Interaction Design Unit).  Weather Thingy is a sound controller using real-time weather data to modify settings of music instruments. The controller has three weather sensors including a rain gauge, a wind vane, and an anemometer. The device translates weather data to data that musical instruments can use to generate sound. I really appreciate this project because it still allows the musicians to use their creativity since musicians can use the controllers to change the melody in real-time. It creates more potential for music creation, really focuses on the presence and capturing the moments. I guess the algorithm needs to turn the collected weather condition into data, then turn those data into music notes. There must be a system that links the two logically.



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