Jisoo Geum – Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I want to incorporate music’s ability to manipulate emotions and create a program that directs users to the music of their ‘current mood’. Although there are many apps that have similar features, I wanted to make my own version that increases the interaction between music, color, and emotions. Also, I will be adding animations in my program.

*The structure may change depending on how much storage the program can take*

*I will be attempting to link Spotify play button into the pages to avoid storing large music files in my zip. If it doesn’t work, I will follow the description below https://developer.spotify.com/documentation/widgets/guides/adding-a-widget/*

The program will have 7 different directory pages, each containing up to 5 (or more if the program can take more) songs. To minimize the storage size, I will be cutting the length of each song.

The main page will contain two semi-transparent blobs intersecting with each other. Clicking the blue blob (sadness) will direct the user to a new page with three other blob buttons. Each blob buttons are assorted with a different purpose. For example, one of the blobs is a button that directs the user to the final page that plays music with a simple animation that sympathizes with his/her sadness. Pressing the S button will shuffle the music in the array of songs.

Clicking the other blobs on the main page will also do similar things.

*Since the blobs are very specific to certain feelings and lack at the variety, I will try to map the intensity of emotions in gradient colors. However, this is only workable if I can link the songs to Spotify.*


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