Jisoo Geum – Looking Outwards 12


Created by Chris Zieba – 2015


Created by Daniel Ek – 2006

Moodfuse.com is a website that allows the user to discover music based on his/her current mood. In order to load the music, the user needs to choose a genre and adjust the slide bars according to his/her mood. The website is linked to both Youtube and Spotify so it is able to display music videos as well as the information about each song. I was first very impressed by the Moodfuse because of its simple and effective visualization that allows the user to choose the range of emotion.

Spotify (pretty self-explanatory) is an app that allows people to stream a wide variety of music. I wanted to mention this app mainly because of its browsing feature. Every time the user opens the app, the algorithm in Spotify selects songs and playlists that are most relevant to the user’s listening history. The selection process is a bit different from Moodfuse since the algorithm ‘guesses’ the user’s taste instead of letting the user describe his/her preference. Thus,  Moodfuse is more personalized and relevant to one’s temporary emotion.


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