Sarah Yae – Final Project Proposal – Section B

For my final project, I will be creating an interactive computer keyboard instrument, similar to the example project, “Patatap”. “Patatap” seems like it uses a lot of mellow sounds, creating a very chill atmosphere, when one creates music with the keyboard. However, for my project, I want the sounds to be more EDM (Electronic Dance Music) focused, by having drum beats and boom effects. Originally, since I love makeup and beauty blogging, I wanted to do an interactive makeup game, where a user would give a character a makeover. However, I also love EDM and I thought “Patatap” was pretty cool (I couldn’t stop playing around with it). For some sound ideas, I would extract the sound from some of my favorite EDM like Whiplash by R3HAB, You & Me Remix by Flume, Thief by Ookay, Ghost by Jauz, and the list goes on. I would use Audacity to extract sound for each key, so I would have to extract about 26 different sounds, which would be played with a certain animation.

EDM Music Maker

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