Christine Seo – Project Proposal

Initially, I wanted to make a visual representation of sound and music because I personally love to listen to music but there is no way for deaf people to listen to this and have this experience. I wanted to program something to share my emotions and experiences when I listen to certain music to these individuals in some way. Throughout the course, my favorite parts were when we had to incorporate the camera and when we had to allow music in our assignments. So for my Looking Outwards 12, I looked for inspirations that interacted with these two topics; this inspired me to come up with my ideas for my final project which incorporates the two ideas in one. Thus, in my project, I want to have options to listen to songs that act to different emotions. These emotions would be visually portrayed through a face tracker in each that has elements that would also react to the music, volume and sounds (multiple tracks). I found out that I can use JavaScript libraries for face tracking called ClmTrackr and p5.js for creating sound visualization. Through this project, I want to make something visually interesting but also wanted to involve a topic that I care about. I believe that this project can help me achieve my aesthetic ideas, show what I’ve learned through this class, and create something meaningful.

Final project idea sketch

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