Jessica Timczyk – Looking Outwards 12

A screenshot from the 3D interactive doodle
A screenshot of the first shot of Solace, an interactive animation.

In preparation for making my own final project, which will be an interactive animation, I researched some other interactive animations and found these two very interesting projects. The first project is a VR and 3D interactive animated doodle by Fx Goby and Google Doodle artist Hélène Leroux made in 2018, in tribute to filmmaker Georges Méliès called ‘Back to the Moon‘. The doodle allows the viewer to move around and look at the animated environment in 360 degrees. The second project, called ‘Solace’ is also an interactive film created in 2017 by Evan Boehm and Jeff Noon in collaboration with Nexus Interactive Studios. The project takes the viewer through a narrated story in which the viewer can interact with almost all of the shapes and pictures making up the story with their mouse. Unlike the first interactive animation, ‘Solace‘ allows the viewer to actually interact with the images and shapes that make up the characters and etc of the story, whereas ‘Back to the Moon’ only allows the viewer to move around in the frame. Though I really enjoy the interactivity of ‘Solace’, I think I personally am partial to the 3D environment of ‘Back to the Moon’ and also the story line that accompanies it. I think that ‘Back to the Moon’, though very innovative in itself, missed an opportunity to make the actual story line and images interactive. Overall, I very much enjoyed both. You can play with both of them in the link or video below.


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