Jessica Timczyk – Project 12 – Project Proposal

My sketch of my project.

For my final project, I would like to create an interactive animation. As I drew in my sketch of my final project, I would like to create a jungle- like scene with elephants, fish and possibly another animal. To make it interactive, many aspects of the photo will move or change in some way when the user clicks on them, for example, clicking on the elephants makes them either raise their trunk or move their ears, the leaves of the trees rustle, the fish fins move when they’re clicked, and etc. Some of the interaction will also depend on the movements of the user’s mouse rather than simply a click, for example, the sun will rotate and the rays will change size as the mouse moves across the screen, or the cattails will move when the mouse grazes over them. To additionally make it interesting, I will include sounds with the scene, making jungle-esque music play in the background, but then depending on what is clicked on, different sounds will play. Elephants will make their horn sounds when clicked on, leaves rustling and others. I hope to add a few more details than what is just on the drawing, but that is the basis for now.

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