Joanne Lee – Final Project Proposal

I want to create an educational Rube Goldberg game geared towards children ages 5-9. I think that Rube Goldberg games are very helpful in learning cause and effect. I would like to use my virtual Rube Goldberg machine to complete ‘green’ tasks such as watering a plant, turning off the lights, recycling, etc. The purpose of the game is to teach children to understand cause and effect better and also understand the impact we can make when we go green!

In terms of functionality, I’ll have a virtual Rube Goldberg machine with certain parts that are broken. Through trial and error, they will have to pass three stages — each stage dedicated to a green task. I’m still juggling between what tasks I want to do. Once they pass each level, they’ll be shown a blurb about the environmental impact that the stage’s task makes on the environment. Below is a rough mock-up of what a level could look like.

In the actual one, I will include images to replace some aspects. I just used rectangles and circles to roughly represent a stage.

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