Looking Outwards Week 12 – Sara Frankel

Looking through my peers’ posts, I found that Jenna Kim’s Week 10 and Sean Meng’s Week 4 Looking Outwards are quite similar to my project. I hope to capture the shape and colors of music. Jenna wrote about Christopher Yamane’s “wassiliscope”. This project uses a telescope to translate light frequencies to audible frequencies. In other words, this artist brings forth the sound and correlation of the color portrayed.

Sean talks about pop artist Ed Sheeran’s visualization of his song “Shape of You”. Ed Sheeran uses colors and geometric shapes to fill his backdrop of his music video allowing the viewer to follow along and experience the mood of the music visually.

Ed Sheeran’s creative process explained with music visualization

This is relevant to my project as I hope to incorporate visuals connected to music to help enhance the users experience in understanding the music, which both projects do. I admire these projects as, a music major, I experience more of the entire musical experience. I would love to be able to share this with other people in terms of how I feel and see the music.

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