Mimi Jiao – Looking Outwards 12 – Section E

Glitched image generated by pixel relocation via sound

I stumbled upon user avseoul on Vimeo while looking for the final project inspiration. Many of their works are create using Unity 3D and/or creative code to combine real time audio or video to alter the existing visuals on the screen. Avseoul uses a lot of organic shapes that mimics cells, mountains, and water droplets. Added with interesting textures and colors, they create really interesting graphics by integrating sound and visuals. I am really intrigued their glitched image by sound  and Audio Reactive Slit Photo-Scan Test where an image is taken and constantly reprocessed and altered based on a song that is playing. As the song continues to play, the image becomes more and more distorted and it’s an interesting way of visualizing the changes throughout the song. These alterations are almost a way of visualizing audio and it almost crosses into the domain of data visualization. I find this a really interesting starting point for one to explore deeper into ways information can be visualized. One thing I would like to see from this piece is how it translates into a three-dimensional space. I think it would be really cool if these changes were incorporated on the Z axis. These works provide a really interesting starting point for Sophia and me and we hope to branch off of these ideas and explore further into WEBGL.

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