Victoria Reiter – Final Project Proposal

For my final project I’d like to do something that would be personally intimate to me and that I can add onto throughout time and go back to and reminisce on.

That’s why for my final project I would like to design an interactive personalized map of the places I’ve been!

In my room I have a map with little pins sticking out in different colors– yellow for my “home bases” (Pittsburgh and Rochester), blue for the countries I’ve been, purple for places where I have friends, green for weird places my plane has made emergency stops haha, and red for the destination I will go to next.

I want to create something colored in a similar but simplifies way, where when the mouse clicks on a certain region it will pop up with a picture from when I was there and a description of when I went/the place/etc. // a picture and description written by a friend from that place.

My map proposal — the first picture is the map with different shadings, the second is what it would look like upon clicking a certain country, for example

I think this would be a cool way to share with people where I’ve been, as well as serve as a small ribbon connecting the people all over the world who I’ve met.

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