Week 12 – Project Proposal Sara Frankel

For my project, I would like to incorporate a game with music. I have always loved projects that interact with music. I would be lying if I said I know exactly how my project will look as of right now, but I am thinking of using some sort of animation that is coordinated with a soundtrack. For instance, color tones match the “mood” of the piece and the shape represent the different musical aspects of it. On the other hand, I want to take advantage of the user’s keyboard so that they can play a part of the visual experience of sound. I attached an image of my sketch that I am envisioning. As you can see below, my plan is to have this abstract image most correlated with the piece in both color and shape, this shape will change in shape according to the frequencies emitting from the song. Scattered around this main shape will be simpler shapes that “pulse” and rotate according to different aspects of the piece. The user will be able to play around with all of these shapes and change the song and aspects of it on the color chosen by the user. This project connects color, sound, and shapes to display music.

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