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For my final project I want to engage in an augmented reality application that uses a webcam to change one’s background setting. One project that I found integrating p5js into an augmented reality platform was a project called Kalopsia.

The image above shows a picture of how flower animations are graphed onto a succulent.

Kalopsia utilizes similar scripts used for facial recognition with a webcam to project Japanese-inspired drawings. However, in this application, the AR becomes more a tool for sculpting and detailing.

The second project I looked at was created for a company called VariousWays, and utilizes ar.js to create the augmented reality effect. In the short video it can be seen how an artist who wants to hand out their business card, can integrate a brief example of their work without having to hand out a full portfolio.

The image above shows an object with the business card owners initials on it.

Overall, the purpose of both projects traces back to the desire to bring another dimension to how we perceive our surroundings. Where the project Kalopsia seeks to bring beauty to regular objects, whereas the augmented reality business cards seek to augment the impact of a card, by bringing interactivity to it. However, both projects seek to bring an interesting detail to an everyday object/object that might be perceived in 2D but with 3D notions, become far more expressive. One aspect that I think could be further integrated into both projects is some form of application or connection of the AR image to a social media platform or other users. That way the AR doesnt just work on one scale.

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Business Card Augmented Reality (

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