Anthony Ra – Looking Outwards 12

I already briefly mentioned two projects that I want to talk about in my proposal, and I will go much more in-depth with these projects.

The first project is the gaming of all of the Super Mario series by Shigeru Miyamoto. What inspires me is the simplicity of the design of the character, the landscape, the premise and the way it codes yet it is popular to the wider audience globally.

The part in this video I want to emphasize is the 2nd part of Miyamoto’s “genius” in work, which is the simplicity. I don’t have to write words like what I am doing right now on instruction on how to play a certain game with the use of design subtlety and positioning. With minimal objects the user can see which direction to go and what the obstacles are; in Mario, the goombas and koopas move in the direction towards him, signaling that it is harmful.

Flappy Bird

The second precedent is a game with similar graphics called “Flappy Bird” developed by dotGears. What makes this game intriguing is how some of this code was programmed in ways that are very similar to what I have learned throughout this semester. One of the more obvious assignments and projects regarding this is the generative landscape, where various sizes and heights of the same object moves from right to left, giving the illusion that the static character is moving from left to right. And also, by implementing changes in velocity and mouse pressing function, I think there is a way for me to create a simple game using the subtle design techniques of both of these projects with enough detail and compelling-ness for a suitable project.

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