Anthony Ra – Project 12 – Proposal

My goal for this project is inspired by the simplicity of Miyamoto, most notable for creating Mario. The reason his games are so popular is that the controls are not difficult and the user screen is simple. The landscape moves, creating an illusion that the character is moving when in reality, the character is static. My proposal is a simple game where a character (which I haven’t determined the form) tries to avoid obstacles and gains points each time that character goes through obstacles. The game format is very similar to a short-lived app called “Flappy Bird” where an object that moves only in the Y-direction tries to avoid incoming pipes by bouncing through the small openings or else the bird loses.

Because the lines of code may be less than the required 100 lines, there will be a lot of detailing in the background and the objects. I may also play with image uploading for the objects and sound effects for every mouse pressing function.

The simplest possible design if I were to actually code this but of course I won’t lol

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