For my project, I am proposing an animated children’s book. Each time the user clicks the arrow, it will move to a new page of the book. I am proposing that each page has one animation triggered by the user clicking on highlighted text. An animation could be the sun moving, plants growing, or rain falling.

The story is about a lion who is a farmer and his plants are dying in the hot sun so he needs to figure out how to make it rain. After interacting with a few other animals, he finally realizes he has to dance to make it rain (subject to change!)

I am still considering whether the majority of the animation will be hand coded in p5.js or if that will be specifically for the animated objects. It depends on how complicated the final storyline becomes. It may be easier to do a hybrid where the static objects are drawn and the animated objects are coded.

I believe this project will help me learn more about interactivity and animation within p5.js. I am excited to see how this process goes!

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