Eunice Choe – Looking Outwards-12

Rise and Fall from Design I/O on Vimeo.

The colors change over time or when the user clicks.

Base Camo by Leander Herzog

The two projects I am comparing are Basecamp (2014) by Leander Herzog and Rise and Fall (2010) by Design I/O. Basecamp by Leander Herzog is an interactive animation of colorful pyramids made with D3.js. The animation is interactive because it changes color every time the user clicks on the screen. I admire the simplistic and colorful aspects of the animation and how it responds to the user through the color changes. For my final project, I want to create interactive, animated landscapes, so this project gives me a reference of how I can show depth and layering in my composition. Because the animation is simple, it lacks a narrative, which is more prevalent in the other project Rise and Fall by Design I/O. Rise and Fall is an interactive magazine cover made with openFrameworks. By rotating the magazine, the user goes through a journey in which they interact with surreal creatures and environments that switch back and forth from water to sky. I admire that this project allows the user to control their own paths and stories. I also admire how the animations respond to gravity and physics, which adds a sense of realism and complexity.

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