Eunice Choe – Project-12-Proposal

For my final project, I want to mimic the effect of a book I read in elementary school called Zoom by Istvan Banyai. The book is composed of several landscapes that zoom out as each page is turned. As a result, the zoom outs continually cause shifts in perspective and allow readers to embark on a journey through several different landscapes and environments. With each zoom out, I plan to incorporate animations within each landscape that reflect the environment. For example, I will incorporate elements of gravity and physics to make the landscapes seem more realistic. I will also make my project interactive by allowing the user to click on a “zoom out” button that will show a new, zoomed out landscape. I also plan to incorporate elements of randomness in the landscapes so that the users will have a different experience every time they interact with the project. While I am unsure of how many frames I will incorporate, I hope to create the same effect the book gives off with each zoom out.

A sketch of the “zooming out” effect.

Inspiration (pages of Zoom):

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