AMATA K.K.’s logo design

AMATA K.K. is a Japanese game development company centered in Tokyo, Japan. What I wanted to focus on was the logo for their company. A square composition constructed out of slightly variated quadrilaterals with a few triangles thrown into the mix, they use this logo as an opportunity to communicate their strong abilities in animation. Although the logo is merely a flat composition of simple shapes, the proximity of these shapes and their slight differences convey a sense of movement and depth. In relation to our project proposal, this is exactly what we hope to communicate through our own imagery. The difference is that we would be actually animating these shapes to generate a series of images that will visualize more than just one wave of movement but multiple, like that of music.

GIFs by Sami Emory.
LEVEL by Paris-based design studio IF

LEVEL is an audiovisual experiment by Paris-based design studio IF for Paris nightclub Machine du Moulin Rouge’s fifth-anniversary celebration. It utilizes light to “represent the dialogue between space and its limitations.” Set to the ambient tracks of Trespur, LEVEL projects a fast-paced series of dizzying distortions on a transparent material superimposed onto a semi-reflective surface. Each viewer in the room sees something different as lights shift and change from any given perspective in the room. I found this to be an inspiration for my own final project due to the very nature of the project, but especially for their one projection of ripples. In addition, after seeing all these other kinds of projections, perhaps I will try other kinds of movement besides radial.

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