Lan Wei-Project 12-Proposal

What I want to do for the final project is something about music but also has visual effects. I want the project to be interactive, meaning that people can create their own music (probably unconsciously). The detailed effect that I’ve imagined is that in the canvas of ‘universe’, people can create planets every time they click, and each zone of the canvas is related to a related piece of rhythm. By clicking in different areas of the canvas different sound effects are created. The visual effect of the planets needs some planning. I’m thinking that when a point is clicked, some repulsion is generated from this point and shapes are pushed away from the point, and thus a planet is generated. It would be nice if the planets can rotate from its position in a 3D mode and also oscillate with the volume of the rhythm. Other effects might be added to make the project more interactive and playful. I’m really looking forward to it.

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