Catherine Coyle – Looking Outwards 12

For my final project, I would like to make some kind of relaxing gardening mini game. Two of my favorite games that I’ve played are the Animal Crossing series and Stardew Valley which I’ll focus on for this looking outwards assignment.

Both of these are pretty well-known video games that have less of a ‘goal’ or storyline than a lot of games (Animal Crossing moreso than Stardew Valley in that respect), and instead are just peaceful ways to relax. Both of the games feature some kind of planting or gardening activity which is what inspired the idea for my project.

I like both of these games because they make you feel peaceful when you play them. The concepts and characters are all very friendly, and the games’ art is soft and welcoming. I don’t think much was overlooked in either games’ case. They have less story and mechanics than a lot of other games, but also they don’t need that because it would ruin the peaceful feeling

A screenshot from Stardew Valley which was developed by ConcernedApe and came out in 2016
A screenshot from Animal Crossing New Leaf of Nintendo’s ‘Animal Crossing’ series

(I am using my second grace day for this post)

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