Han Yu Looking Outwards 12

Inspiration 1: Lighting Changes with SoundThe Company by Nocte at Bring to Light Festival NYC

Nocte is a London-based team of expert that creates and designs light installations for different kinds of situations. They have been commissioned by multiple famous bands and exhibitions to create interactive visual connections that amplify the overall effects of the event. The Company is made up of 76 tungsten lamps the the brightness and on/off switch of each light bulb is interactive with the background music. The overall effect of this project is magnificent and I’d love to see it in person one day.

I think Nocte’s interactive lighting installation will be a good inspiration for my project because it will help me to build a more atmospheric background for my game-based project. I want to make the lighting and graphics of my project change along with the progression the game.

Inspiration 2: City Icon by Marcin Ignac at the Sustainable City Initiative at London in 2012.

Marcin Ignac is a Polish Artist and Programmer based in London. His work often involves visualizing data, creating artificial life forms and combining technology with art. City Icon is a series of six simulations representing different representation of London. This project is very relevant to my project because it can be incorporated into making themes and backgrounds of the game I’m making which is supposedly galaxy based.

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