Kevin Riordan and Sharon Yang – Looking Outwards 12

We are using grace days on this assignment.

Time by Inception being played on a piano app

A song being played on ‘Cool Piano’ app

The following videos are piano apps currently available on Apple app store. Though they are not computational art projects, we find these apps and how they operate highly inspiring. For our final project, we are thinking of creating a virtual piano with realistic graphics of the piano. The first video has inspired us to add more graphics such as the notes of the keys pressed, or we could also recreate the graphics of the app; when a song is uploaded the keys in the song can be obtained to be displayed on the screen with graphics. The second video has inspired us to append engaging visual effects to the notes such as the staff as well as having them float around. They could also have glowing effects. This could also be developed into a game, where the users can tap the graphics of the notes. We would like to try to make our project as engaging and useful as these apps in the videos.

Sources of the videos:

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