Kevin Riordan Sharon Yang-Project 12-Proposal

We are using one of the grace days on this assignment.

Our final project proposal is making a program that simulates a piano, like the apps available on iPhones. When keys are pressed, sound comes out, and maybe a note floats up to the top out of the key. The size of the notes or movement could be based on how long the key is pressed for or something. Creating the visual of pressing down the key and making the piano look realistic will be challenging, and making the sounds realistic and reactive will also be something we have to figure out. We have not really done much with sound in this class, so working more with sound will be challenging. Below are some sketches of what we plan to try and make visually. The basic program to make it work seems to be something realistic to try and work towards, but making it visually more appealing is something we want to work on more.

what the interface might look like

I will be working with Sharon Yang (also in Section C) on this project.

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