Nina Yoo – Looking Outwards – 12


 howls moving castle howl calcifer studio ghibli pixel gif png transparent pixel art pixal 8bit 8bit art

“Howl’s Moving Castle Howl and Casper”


So the two things that I got inspired by is the music game VOEZ and the 8bit character versions of studio Ghibli.  I have always been interested in music games and I’ve been playing them for a long time. VOEZ is game I have been playing for a while because their music and graphics are so beautiful and pleasing to experience. VOEZ is the sort of music game vibe that I wanted to have in collaboration with the music and characters from Studio Ghibli. Ghibli’s music is very well known and it has been an iconic for being one of the most relaxing pieces ever made. Along with the music, the characters made in Studio Ghibli are amazing with pastel colors that are just pleasing to see. I also got inspired by the 8bit form because it reminds me more of a game.


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