Tanvi Harkare – Project 12 – Proposal

For my project proposal, I am really interested in making an interactive game. I was really inspired by one of the projects I covered in my looking outwards for this week, which was a retake on the popular game Flappy Bird. It combines the use of the generative landscape and simple animation of an object on the screen. The object would bounce up and down dependent on a mouse click or a keypress.

I’m still not 100% sure what the theme of my game will be, but one idea that I had in mind was using another character that could fly, such as a different type of bird or even a fictional character like a dragon or unicorn. For example, if a dragon were used, a generative background of something similar to a cave could be used. While starting to code this project, I would start with something that was simple like a circle, in order to make sure the code works.

The flappy object should match the theme of the generative landscape

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