Final Project: Video Effects with a Pseudo Half Tone

I wanted to do something having to do with video effects and I eventually settled on this version. Ok for starters, I came across several challenges–> the first of which was, how am I going to embed this into my website? With some aggressive internet scouting, I dove deeper into javascript and jQuery learned about new functions like getContext() and offsetWidth()–> These were straight JS functions that I learned I could integrate nicely with html and css. I also edited in codepen so I could play around with html, css, and js at the same time.

Also with some experimenting I used const instead of var because I discovered that when I used var, the blocks became much too cumbersome.

Halftone large, no restrictions
halftone, with restrictions

This in addition to some other changes, I was able to create a much clearer video image.

The whole project can be found here on codePen.

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