Alexandra Kaplan – Project 12 – Proposal

For my final project, I am planning on making an interactive tv set. It will have with pre-loaded animations, images, and gifs that can be flipped through by pressing channel changer on the tv. I think it could also be cool if the animations were different depending on the time of day, much like a real television programming. I would separate the day into 4 different parts of 6 hours each for the different animations to play. I also want to incorporate an on/off button to turn ‘off’ the tv. If I have time, I would love to incorporate the camera in the computer to show people’s faces “reflected”on the tv screen when it is off like with television sets with glass screens. Also if I have time, it would be fun to have different sounds for the different buttons on the tv.

Project Proposal Sketch

Anthony Ra – Project 12 – Proposal

My goal for this project is inspired by the simplicity of Miyamoto, most notable for creating Mario. The reason his games are so popular is that the controls are not difficult and the user screen is simple. The landscape moves, creating an illusion that the character is moving when in reality, the character is static. My proposal is a simple game where a character (which I haven’t determined the form) tries to avoid obstacles and gains points each time that character goes through obstacles. The game format is very similar to a short-lived app called “Flappy Bird” where an object that moves only in the Y-direction tries to avoid incoming pipes by bouncing through the small openings or else the bird loses.

Because the lines of code may be less than the required 100 lines, there will be a lot of detailing in the background and the objects. I may also play with image uploading for the objects and sound effects for every mouse pressing function.

The simplest possible design if I were to actually code this but of course I won’t lol

Jenna Kim (Jeeyoon Kim)- Project Proposal- Week 12

With my proposed collaborator, Rachel Lee from Section E, we decided to create an interactive game. There will be a spaceship trying to collect cheerios to go an adventure in the cereal world. The objective of the game is to collect the cereal floating around outer space to fuel the spaceship; the more cereals one collects, more points the person gets. In the beginning of the game, there will be a start button and an instruction explaining the point of the game (“Go save the cereal world by collecting the cereal rocks! Press ‘start’ to start the game”). Possibly, there will be “dangerous” cereals that float around, and if the spaceship touches them, it may cause the game to be over. There will be a one minute timer on the upper right corner of the page to time the game. In the background, there will be cereal boxes to show that the spaceship is in a cereal world setting.

Jonathan Liang – Final Project – Proposal

For the final project I kinda of want to blend a character animation with a game. I’ve always wanted to draw to animate a custom drawn character and implement it into an interactive environment. I am still not sure what exactly I want to create yet, but I hope that the sketch below gives y’all a good idea of what I kinda what to do.  I don’t think I will be collaborating with any other student for this project.

Rachel Lee Proposal Section E

For my final project, I plan on creating an interactive game with my proposed collaborator, Jenna Kim, from Section E. In the game, the main protagonist will be a rocket navigating its way through cereal planet, and its objective is to collect cereal for fuel so that it can continue its journey in outer space. It will potentially be timed e.g. around a minute long, so that after a given duration, the game will end or draw to some sort of conclusion. Alternatively, there might be toxic substances floating around that if encountered, will cause the game to end. This project will draw upon older skills and exercises we previously completed, such as the Generative Landscape project, self defined functions and arrays. This will allow me to brush up on techniques that I want to gain a better understanding for, such as removing elements from an array.

Sketch of what our project might look like

Romi Jin – Project-12-Proposal

For my final project, I am interested in making an interactive game, but I am not too certain what all the details will be yet. Like in mario games, there will be a character you play as and move throughout a two-dimensional landscape, collecting coins and finding mystery items by jumping on and over things, except instead of Mario, it will be a bunny collecting carrots and avoiding enemies along the way. If the bunny bumps into an enemy, it would lose, and if it gets a certain amount of carrots, it would win. I would like to create something like the image below:

in which the bunny hopping along a grassy landscape, and possibly through houses, go underground and jump onto trees to find carrots and eventually win the game. Somehow, I’d like to be able to make this a two-player game as well if I have the time.

Final Project Proposal Liz Maday

For my final project, I am going to create an interactive instrument using the keyboard to create sounds. There will be a visual representation of this instrument displayed on the canvas. It will not look like a traditional instrument, it may include one or more bell sections, in addition to many keys. I envision something akin to a Dr. Seuss instrument. Each key displayed on this instrument will correspond to one of the keys on the user’s computer keyboard. This information will be displayed on the keys on the instrument. When the user presses one of the keys, a specific sound will be produced, and the corresponding key on the instrument will light up or move. Certain sounds will be drones that continue to sound until the same key is pressed again, and other sounds will be percussive, only sounding right when the key is pressed, for a short period of time.

In addition, some visual representation will be generated in the background as any particular sound is playing.

I plan on including some kind of pop up instructions window that provides very basic instructions for how to explore this instrument. This window would be displayed when the user clicks the indicated section of the canvas.

Kyle Leve-Project-12-Proposal

For my project I would like to combine music and visuals. Through this project I hope to create a visual performance where what is projected corresponds to the song that I choose. I hope to find a way to create visual effects that will portray a story that can go with the music. Hopefully, through this project I will be able to create a performance that enhances both the visual and audio experience. I plan on paying attention to the time in which certain events in the music take place and planning my object movements around that. Hopefully, I will be able to pinpoint when important aspects of the music happen and I can plan my visuals accordingly. I plan on making this performance last around 1-2 minutes so I will need to choose a song that is not too long, but not too short. In addition, I want it to be a complete song so that the entire message of the piece can be portrayed.

Xindi Lyu-Project 12- Proposal

For my final project I am planning to create a jigsaw-puzzle game in which the players can piece together simple geometries to form shapes of extinct animals. After the puzzle is complete, there would be information about the animal popping up by the side of the completed form, and the silhouette would be replaced with the actual appearance of the animal. The “game” would start with a menu which allows the players to chose from several puzzles for different animals. Each puzzle is for only one pre-assigned animal and the puzzle pieces are also not randomly generated. There would most likely be only one solution for each puzzle. After the puzzle is completed there would be a button that allows the player to exit to the menu. I think this could be realized by creating objects of geometries and incorporating with “mousepressed” functions to move the geometries.



finished puzzle

Vicky Zhou – Project 12 – Proposal

For my final project, I would like to explore more in depth interactions developed around the concepts of gravity, springs, undulation through particle systems. To do this, I believe I will go about creating these interactive experiences through objects, or possibly turtles, depending on how I want to construct the interaction through a particle system, or a more self constructed system. Ideally, I want to create a flat plane of sort that undulates at a given frequency and amplitude, which can then be manipulated through a user’s mouse input and/or keyboard input. The most desirable outcome would be to have the plane react to mouse interaction, however, depending on how fluid the plane is, I predict that it might be not interactive and/or can only be manipulated through three forms, which will be then created through a series of clicking 3 or so keys.

I am currently between two layout ideas: having my flat plane be of a face on view, or placing it it some sort of perspective.