JohnLegelis – Looking Outwards – 2

Looking Outwards 02: Generative Art



Machine Zen by LIA is a generative art project that implements the precision a robotic arm, and the infinite variability a paint brush. This project beautifully combines the deterministic nature of computer generated art and the individual personality of a brushstroke to create art that looks human, a rarity amongst computer generated art. The algorithm that created this series of works likely involved a simple program that instructs the robotic arm (in this case an AxiDraw mechanical plotter) to move in a circle while slowly raising the brush upwards. Many of LIA’s works, similar to this one, are not inherently complex in their synthesis. Instead the mark of her work comes from the highly polished final product whose elegance is derived from the simplicity of the design. I believe LIA could build upon the minimal style she’s already perfected to create more complex pieces that extend beyond “proof of concept” or first-word art.

Demonstration of Mechanical Zen Created by Robotic Arm Holding Brush