LO 5: 3D Rendered Art

Art Piece: Glasses, pitcher, ashtray and dice
Artist: Oyonale
Year: 2006

The piece depicts a rather typical scene for painting. Similarly to conventional art, the point of the scene is to show realistic elements such as shadows, reflections, and depth. I most admire how the artist used a generally practiced technique from conventional art and converted it into 3D computational art. The artist stated he utilized Ray Tracing as the primary technique to create the visual. Ray Tracing has become a much more utilized tool in 3D graphics as it creates the most realistic renderings possible. Currently, the technology is beginning to become more prevalent in the world of video games to create the most realistic graphics. The reason it has taken so long for the widespread use of this technology is because it is rather demanding on computers. Before now, typical computers simply did not have the computational power to run more than a simple image. Amazingly, this image was created nearly 15 years ago, showing the artist’s innovative nature as this was not a widely popular technique. The artist’s sensibilities are obvious as he creates a realistic image that can be seen in all sorts of paintings, but rather he converted it to a computational format. Artists like Oyonale are the ones who have paved the way to CGI and other 3D rendered art that we see in our daily lives.

Glasses, pitcher, ashtray and dice


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