Looking Outwards 8

This week I watched Jennifer Daniel’s talk at Eyeo 2017. Daniel is a digital artist and editor, having had work published in many famous publications, such as The New York Times and Wired. At the time of her speech Daniel was working with a start up on the future of digital communication, specifically emojis, and is now the chair of the Unicode Consortium’s Emoji Subcommittee. Daniel’s work is in digital communication, specifically how humans communicate on digital platforms versus in person speaking or formal writing. Her presentation demonstrated a robust and nearly comprehensive understanding of digital communication, such as explaining the difference between emoji, gifs, and stickers or lightly chiding celebrities trying to capitalize on emojis but fail to understand how and why they are used. I think what Daniel is doing is very cool, her dedication to making communication as universal as possible and elevating emoji and other digital communication to the same consideration as traditional language is groundbreaking. I think in 20 years time her work will be remembered as a real positive for human communication.

Jennifer Daniel


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