9 July 2020

Grading  &  Awarding Policies

  1. Your project grades mainly consist of two parts: Auto Grade and Peer Grade, and there are some possible bonus points and penalties. Auto Grade and Peer Grade both contribute 10 points.

  2. Peer grading begins on the submission deadline, which means you can grade other projects immediately after the submission deadline.

  3. Everything in submission must be anonymous, or you will lose some points in peer grading.

  4. Follow instructions to grade others’ projects and be constructive. Comments are necessary.

  5. The Project Grade is:

    Grade from Peers = the median of all grades from peers

    Combined Grade = Grade from Instructor (overrides peers and TA) or,

    = the mean of Grade from Peers and Grade from TA NPG = number of peers graded (0 to 5)

    Bonus = if (NPG > 3) then NPG – 3

    if (NPG < 3) then (1 – NPG/3) * –2 otherwise 0

    Late Factor = linear decrease from 1.0 to 0.5 during late submission period

    Project Grade = (Combined Grade + Auto Grade + Bonus) * Late Factor

  6. For every project, you are required to grade 3 projects of your peers in the class, which means you will also receive 3 grades from peers. If you finish grading 4 or 5 projects, you will obtain 1 or 2 bonus points. You can grade 5 projects at most. If you do not do any peer grading, you will lose 10% of full credit on the project. This penalty is proportional if you peer-grade 1 or 2 projects.

  7. Late submission will also result in a penalty. You should upload your project before the deadlines listed above. Between the submission deadline and the day prior to the deadline of peer grading, you can still submit your project. The penalty increases daily from 0% to 50% during this late period and is applied after all other grade calculations.

  8. You have 3 grace days for late submissions. Grace are automatically assigned to late submissions until all 3 are used, and the result of using a grace day is to move the effective submission time one day earlier. Grace days cannot be used to submit a project after the late submission period, which ends 24 hours before the peer grading deadline.

  9. The grades will be released by the instructor. If you have any questions about your grades, please read above policies carefully. You are encouraged to ask your teaching assistant if you do not understand your grade. You may also contact the instructor to request regrading. If you request regarding, you should send email and state clearly why you think your grade is incorrect.

  10. Don’t cheat. Otherwise, your grade on this project will be zero and further penalties may apply. See the course academic integrity policy for details.