Autonomous Robot Part 2 – Bully Bot

Group: Kaan Doğrusöz as Tutor and Integrator, Jonathan D. Ortiz as Designer and Scribe


The Bully Bot is an autonomous robot that recognizes and charges at the color red.

Why We Did This

Our goal was to create action from a robot in such a way that it would respond assertively to a specific input it “doesn’t like.” For conveyance, we selected the common misconceptual action of bulls charging at the color red. This idea would allow our robot to respond normally to some users, but also to respond negatively towards a select few.

Moving Forward

For our next iteration, we would like to flesh out the Bully Bot’s ambient, unstimulated behavior and increase the “readability” of its form. By making it look and act more like an animal when it is not taking in red input, it will be more obvious to any people attempting to interact with it what is happening when it does respond. Our goal is to be able to play with it with a miniature red capote while it attempts to gore you with tiny little horns, as real fighting bulls are to do.

Technical Notes

The Bully Bot consists of a laser cut hardboard exterior with mounted Arduino Uno, CMUcam5 “Pixy” Camera, two gear head stepper motors driven by a DRV8833 chip, and two 9V batteries.





Github Code