Autonomous Robot Part 3 – Raphael – The Turtle Bot



Raphael is the successor to Donatello the drawing robot. The goal of the Turtle bot project is to create a robot that can create its own works of art. Just like Donatello, Raphael drives around on a whiteboard table and draws as it moves. Using OpenCV libraries the bot is able to detect the lines that it (or you) have already drawn and adjust it’s current logic state. Raphael has many improvements over Donatello. Raphael is much more mobile and can zoom around the table at break neck speeds. There have been many software advances including more complex states for the bot to be in and red line detection that keeps the bot on the table. Donatello had many physical breaking problems that have been fixed in Raphael by switching to open beam.

To learn more about Donatello click here.

Below are detailed photos, code, and diagrams that should help you build your own version of Raphael.

IMG_0364IMG_0409 IMG_0373

Click here to view the code.