Wireless Modules for Physical Computing

Some of our favorites at this moment (a preliminary document);
the live-editable document is here.

Name Price Ease of usefrom 1 (easy) to 5 (hard) Connects to…

protocols one to one one to many many to one many to many
freq band




Xbee ~$25 5 each other, computer (USB with breakout), microcontroller (serial) Digi X X X X X Digi, Sparkfun, Wikipedia, FunnelIO
Wixel $20 2 each other, computer (USB), microcontroller (serial) Pololu X X * X X
nRF24L01+ < $5 3 each other, microcontroller (serial) by Addicoreby ElecFreaks (for audio) Nordic Semiconductors X X X
LightBlue Bean $ 30 2 computer (BLE), iOS, microcontroller (serial) PunchThrough Design X X
ESP8266 < $5 5 each other, computer be Seeed Studio ? X X X X X Instructable
RF Link < $5 2 each other Tx and Rx by Sparkfun various X X X X
UHF/VHF Audio 1 each other various X X X Audio Technica
Analog Wireless Video 1 each other e.g. Hobby King 0.9/1.2/2.4/5.8 GHz
RC 1 each other, microcontroller (PWM) e.g. Hobby King