6.18. Day 16: Project 3 Introduction (Oct 26)

Notes for 2015-10-26. See also the Fall 2015 Calendar.

6.18.1. Notes from Day 15

  1. Learn to use a tripod or Magic Arm. Your video is of pretty limited use when only handheld.
  2. Project 2 Peer Evaluation results.

6.18.2. Agenda

  1. Assignments
    • Due today: Notebook 2.
    • Due Wednesday: Project 3 proposal.
    • Wednesday: brief in-class individual interviews.
  2. In-class
    • Disassemble Project 2 and put components away, unless it is the basis for your Project 3 or you have approval to keep it intact.
    • Form your project 3 group.
      • If you have worked with the same partner twice, I would greatly prefer you change partners for Project 3. If you have a compelling reason to stay with the same partner, please be prepared to provide a strong justification.
      • I still prefer working pairs but no solo teams. We have an odd number of students, so there will necessarily be one group of three.
    • Start developing your project idea and preparing sketches and drawings and a project schedule. Please be sure to identify the hardest elements and clearly identify an early proof-of-concept goal.