6.22. Day 20: Project 3 Prototype (Nov 9)

Notes for 2015-11-09. See also the Fall 2015 Calendar.

6.22.1. Notes from Day 19

  1. I have returned your lab notebooks, they are sitting on the desk. I apologize for taking so long.
  2. In light of the fact that I am still calibrating the appropriate difficulty of the exercises, I am cancelling the Notebook 3 deadline.
  3. Instead, you may optionally earn up to three extra points by exploring and writing up any three exercises of your choosing which you have not previously attempted. However, you must write up a reasonable reflection statement and show a reasonable record of your investigation. Several of you have received low notebook scores for not providing adequate documentation or insight.

6.22.2. Agenda

  1. Administrative
    • For more fun with electronics, see: Build 18. “Build week” is in first week of Spring semester, with a showcase that Friday. Even if you don’t participate, the showcase can be fun to see.
  2. In-class
    • Project 3 prototype/progress review.