3.3. IDeATe Lab ResourcesΒΆ

Physical Computing Lab in Hunt A10

  1. Physical Computing Lab Policies
  2. Physical Computing Lab Calendar with scheduled TA times. See also the calendar for this course at Fall 2015 Calendar.
  3. Physical Computing Lab Inventory. The lab inventory of components and materials is available online as a Google Sheet with separate tabs for tools and materials. Please note that many parts have purchasing links or datasheet links which can lead to detailed specifications.
  4. Physical Computing Lab Purchase Requests. We don’t promise to buy anything you request, but a portion of your course fee is allocated for purchasing project supplies.

IDeATe@Hunt Fabrication Labs

See also the IDeATe Facilities Policies and Fees and IDeATe Virtual Cluster Software sections.

  1. IDeATe@Hunt Collaborative Making Facility. The Hunt facility web site includes the reservation system, fabrication policies, machine tutorials, and reference material.
  2. IDeATe@Hunt Reservations Calendar
  3. IDeATe@Hunt Material Inventory
  4. Reservations calendar for A10: IDeATe@Hunt PhysComp Lab Calendar
  5. Hunt Library Hours

IDeATe Web

  1. IDeATe project gallery. Selected IDeATe course projects are posted on the public gallery, and we will contribute to the 16-223 Gallery Pool.
  2. IDeATe Course Guide
  3. IDeATe Course Sites
  4. main IDeATe

Other campus resources

  1. Global Communication Center. Located right here in Hunt, students can consult with the GCC to improve their writing and presentation skills. They also have a workshop series.