2.8. Final ProjectΒΆ

The final project is at your discretion: please choose an objective in keeping with the spirit of the course. You may form teams of three if you prefer, although pairs are still recommended. Please choose partners with whom you have not previously worked.

The documentation for the final project is to be submitted to the following IDeATe Gallery pool: 16-223 Introduction to Physical Computing (F15) Final Projects.

The requirements are simpler than the previous projects; the objective is a concise project page which clearly explains the result. Note that the technical documentation goals are relaxed from previous projects. No peer evaluation is required. Three well-written paragraphs are sufficient for text content.

The project submission requires using the XSEAD web interface. The XSEAD content management system has a built-in text editor for basic styled text. Project pages can include uploaded photographs, links, uploaded code, and other uploaded files. After you create an account, you may ‘join’ the pool and then add a new project.

The pool includes the following documentation template which will be automatically inserted into any new project. Please be sure to delete the italicized prompt text so it reads like a self-contained document.

  1. Objectives. Provide a brief paragraph stating your goals for the project as-realized. Please be sure to include which specific features are within the focus or out of scope for the project. Please write well-structured prose which stands on its own and delete these italicized prompts.
  2. Implementation. Provide a paragraph outlining your design choices and explaining how they support the objectives.
  3. Outcomes. Provide a paragraph discussing the successes and failures of your choices. False starts and process missteps should be omitted unless they particularly inform the final outcome.
  4. Photo Documentation. Provide several captioned photos which support your discussion. Please consider the purpose of each photo and write a caption which helps the reader understand your intent.
  5. Video Documentation. Provide a link to a brief video which clearly shows the context and function of the project. Please limit it to no more than 2 minutes. Please follow basic production techniques so these videos can be viewed comfortably at large scale: use a tripod or Magic Arm to stabilize the camera, shoot landscape (not portrait), and include natural sound. Titles and credits are suggested but not required.
  6. Technical Documentation. You may optionally include a zip file with CAD files, DXF cut files, PDF drawings, PDF circuit diagrams, and original source code. This is not required, but will help others appreciate the depth of your work.