Final Project: Par for the Course

The Little Things

Our largest priority is pretty clear: get the robots to tell the story. Here is a list of other concerns that should not be at the front of our minds, but…

Nov 2nd Storyboard

Many decisions to make/things to clear up still.

Minimal Plot Outline

Rough/draft # Minimum Outline Gate is mean to cone, just wants to enjoy it’s hobby. Because of being mean, it loses the golf ball. Nobody wins. Cone forgives…

Oct 20: closed-loop test

I succeeded at wiring up a potentiometer on my testbed and executing basic closed-loop position control. Hardware details. Software details. Closed-loop position control test video.

Oct 14: new knee designs

I reworked the knee design to allow 120 degrees of travel, either symmetric or all on one side. The symmetric version: The non-symmetric version: The original 90-degree travel…

Oct 7 Demo at Google Geek Street Fair

On Friday, October 7, 2016 IDeATe participated in the Google Geek Street Fair in Pittsburgh by hosting an activity in which we built puppets with middle-school age children…

Cone Sketch from Class 8/10

Design Brainstorming

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Victoria Yong: Narrowing down a story sketch and other ideas

It seems that there had been a consensus in the last planning meeting I attended to have a dynamically moving robot (or pair) trying to understand or adapt…