Paintball Group: Final Documentation

Shannon Case, Travis Chambers, & Brandon Darreff  Title: “What Do You Think of Me?” Narrative: With this piece we hoped to draw attention to the unproductive discussion on…

“The Hand” – Final Documentation

The Hand  By Tatyana Mustakos, Svayam Mishra, SooJin Sohn and Yitong Wang Project narrative Final Overall Concept: ”The Hand”, is a robotic arm that rejects all objects placed…

Sand Group: Documentation

A Line in the Sand A project by Alice Duan, Hajin Kim, and Johnny Wu “A Line in the Sand” explores the relationship between human obsessions and the…

Paintball Robot: The Movie

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THE HAND design documentation

Tatyana Mustakos, Svayam Mishra, SooJin Sohn, Yitong Wang

A Line in the Sand – Design Documentation

“What Do You Think of Me?” (Painting Robot)- Design Documentation

Shannon, Travis, & Brandon   Link to PDF-  

Throw Proof-Of-Concept

Proof of Concept – Sandbox

Painting Robot- Proof of Concept

With our proof of concept demo we wanted to focus on depicting the intended scale of the project and the relative positioning of all the parts. For the…