Sep 21: Day 8

Notes Three tentative groups: Shannon, Travis, Brandon. Tatyana, Yitong. Hajin, Alice, Johnny.  Proposal draft due by Tuesday as blog post. General prompt questions from class today:  user-interaction? tone?…

Project Pitches

Pictured below are three ideas for a project that utilizes technology shown in class, as well as some form of interaction and manipulation of object and person. I…

Sept 14th Experiment

Project Proposal

I’m not sure what I want to commit to yet, so I have three short proposal ideas that I’d like to explore:

Discussion Presentation: Túnel   Project Link- Video Link-  

Project Pitch

Main Idea: Build an animatronic Hand (resting position is palm up). It has sensors to tell when something has been placed in it. Once it receives an object,…

Project Pitch

Perpetual Motion Seesaw The main idea behind this project is from this seesaw balance which uses two golf balls to simulate a perpetual motion machine. My take on this would…

Sep 19: Day 7

Agenda Two groups: please post your videos from Thursday.  Discussion. Brandon Yitong Johnny Introduce Project Proposal  assignment. Review project pitches.

Project Pitch

This project develops an interactive relationship between two machines: the arm or hand of a user and mechanized arms powered by pneumatic actuators. Displacement of fabric from a…

Discussion Presentation: Kiva Robots

Link to Presentation: