This project idea is essentially a modernization of the classic “cabinet of curiosities.” The idea for this piece is to have a computer with speakers acting as an entrepreneur trying to sell different (poorly thought out) artifacts from a light box to any humans that might be standing nearby. Each individual artifact is a chance to draw attention between how people view machines and how people view other humans and how different those mindsets are. While the ideas for what objects the salesai would try to sell are up to change I have a few ideas listed below.

The first object I thought about was essentially a heat sink a person could wear on their head when exercising or whatever to “prevent overheating.”

The second object was for essentially cones that act as a poor attempt at creating a hearing aid under the guise of “increasing signal strength for humans.”

The third object would be a microphone people can put in their house that just sits there and listens then adds everything you say to a database so the computer can better market to you in the future. It would be important to draw attention to how the computer has “good intentions” to go way over the line in collecting information

The fourth object is very similar to the third, just a video camera you can mount around your house as security cameras but in fact are just a chance for the computer to get more information about you.