As previously stated, the overall idea is to create a drawing robot that makes drawings then crumples up the drawing after being unsatisfied with the resulting drawing. There would be a human performer element to the piece where the human performer walks up to the robot, un-crumples the drawings, and then displays them as “awesome robot art” and replaces the paper for the robot to try again. (trying to be supportive of the robot) The actual drawings will consist of a set order of drawings that create a narrative of the robot trying to draw better and eventually creating a drawing it doesn’t crumple up. The audience would be able to come up to the piece at any point in the process and see the existing list of drawings and the current drawing the robot is working on to get the idea of progress without having to see the whole performance. Of course, the final drawing the robot does not crush would only be visible to the people there at the end.

robot drawing with paper moving away

We simulated the Dobot drawing motion and the paper sliding away toward the crusher, and plan to simulate the crusher but didn’t have time to build it in Webot. We decided not to simulate the actual paper crushing (because simulating that would be near-impossible) or the tapping finger as that seems like an aspect of the robot that would not significantly benefit from simulation.

The physical system we will be building will consist of rollers to push the paper into the crushing mechanism, and the crushing mechanism itself with all the structure required to make it work. We will also be fabricating a tapping “finger” that will sit next to the robot and give the robot a thinking state where it is tapping. The robot arm is already built and has a pen attachment, so no physical fabrication should be necessary to get this working.

link to world zip file that doesnt work yet: