The introduction of colored and morphed fabric allowed for a different way to communicate or tell a story using the fabric. While looking at our fabric we noticed that they all had fairly vibrant earthy tones. 

We decided to use three pieces of fabric to tell a story using the new qualities of the silk. 

Choosing which fabrics to use for this assignment depended mostly on the irregularities formed during the dying process as well as the colors of the fabrics themselves. We found that the more tightly and intricately wrapped fabrics created more interesting variation of shades.

We decided to create a morphing landscape using the green fabric as a mountain, the orange as a field of flowers, the blue as water, and light blue as a cloud. The landscape would change based on vertical and horizontal motions. 

During the rigging process we were able to resolve some issues based on our understanding of how prone the lines are to losing tension based on small changes. We had an issue of the mountain not moving because of the line being loose, once we fixed this the mountain was moving up and down again.

We agreed that it would be interesting to see what this would look like if we took it further, for example using 50 pieces of fabric rather than 3 in order to tell a story or paint a morphing picture.