** Thur, May 2

  •   9:00 Arrive A5 and start transport of equipment to Kresge
  • 10:30 Deadline time for Stage Set-up and ready to go
    • Deadline time for Starry Night project set-up and ready to go
  • 10:45 One hour timed dress rehearsal 
  • 11:45 Dress rehearsal end, discussion, and clean-up

** Sat, May 4

  • 4:30 Garth and students arrive at A5 to transport equipment to Kresge
  • 5:30 Begin Stage Set-up (on stage groups help)
  • 5:30 Begin Starry Night Set-Up (Z,L&C focus on own project)
  • 6:30 Martha and Catherine start project setup on stage
  • 7:00 food
  • 7:30 Doors open for audience
  • 8:00 show9:00 ACH show portion begins10:00 Clean-up

** Mon, May 6 – Finals
10:30am to 1:00pm on Monday in A5

** performance order for May 4 event Pushing Air

Link to Google Doc with Performance Order

Order of Performance:

  • Worms           Help from: Balloons
  • Starry Night    Help from: Reef
  • Body            Help from: Worms
  • Reef            Help from: Starry Night
  • Balloons        Help from: Body

Each team work with their helper Stage Hands to plan what help they can be.

Optimize their rigging and derigging.

Practice where we are storing each different projects.

Practice where each team enters and exits.