Kinetic Fabrics, Inflatables and Soft Sculpture, and Exploded Ensemble

Kresge Theatre & Alumni Concert Hall, CFA

Saturday, May 4, 2019, 8-10PM

Free and open to the public.

Pushing Air is an evening of music, soft-sculpture, and textile robotics presented in two parts. In the first section of the evening, presented in Kresge Theatre, the musicians of Exploded Ensemble will be joined onstage by robotic performative sculptures designed by the students of Kinetic Fabrics.  Together, Exploded Ensemble and Kinetic Fabrics explore concepts of oscillation, polyrhythm, and complex pattern-making.

In the second section of the evening, the musicians of Exploded Ensemble move to Alumni Concert Hall where they will be surrounded by architectural scale artworks designed by the students of Inflatables and Soft Sculpture.  Together, the inflatable sculpture and abstract music/sound create an immersive space for the audience to explore and interact with.

A more extended program is available via the Exploded Ensemble site.