Due: Thu, Feb 4, 10:30AM

In the first phase of the course we will review readings and video related to the major course themes: telepresence, presence, absence, and the proxy body.

For this first assignment, please read the assigned article (one of the articles listed below) and write a short blog post on the course site with your analytic reflections. The objective is to identify a theme or question which inspires further thinking, not simply to summarize the content.


  1. When in doubt, focus: your response may center on a specific point or two and describe your reactions, analysis, and questions. It isn’t necessary to address every point in the source.
  2. Sometimes a text raises more questions than it answers.
  3. Please write coherent prose, not just notes or a list. This doesn’t need to be long, a well-constructed paragraph or two may be enough.

Reading Selection