Thu Feb 4, 2021, 10:30AM to 12:20PM (Zoom)

Today’s class is primarily devoted to discussion.


  1. Brief check-in.
  2. Warm-up exercise: entrainment and synchrony.
  3. Any questions?


  1. Office hours page.


  1. Break out into groups by article. Discuss how to present the article (using the general prompts below) to the rest of the class who has not read the article.
  2. We’ll go article by article, taking turns presenting comments and observations on each.
  3. General prompts:
    1. What was the most inspiring idea?
    2. Was there a gap in logic or unexplored direction you noticed?
    3. Can we form any generalizations about categories of approaches or ideas?
    4. How might you apply the principles or categories to a design for a physical artifact?


  1. The second assignment is due before the next class.
  2. The list of selected readings (TBD) may inspire your research.