Due: Tue, Feb 9, 10:30AM

In the first phase of the course we will be reviewing readings and video related to the major course themes: telepresence, presence, absence, and the proxy body.

For this assignment, please locate documentation of an existing project related to the course themes. This might include telematics, kinetic textile wearables or sculpture, or tactile textile experiences. Please write a short blog post with a very brief abstract of the project in a sentence or two, followed by your own analytic reflections. Please clearly identify your sources, either by directly linking site URLs or by providing a full citation to published literature. If it includes video, please embed that directly in your post.


  1. Ideally, the projects should come from outside our own campus community.
  2. Telepresence has not often involved textiles, so you may interpret the subject generously. I.e., this could include a kinetic fabric artwork with potential for remote communication, or a provocative implementation of remote presence.